Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Facing the Blur

It's really difficult to explain how honored and proud I feel at this moment.

Perhaps this is what they mean by "entering the mysteries".

To feel the anticipation of the fruits of your labors, after so many times of doubting yourself and your abilities, your future, but still persisting on regardless, yet not for the sake of persistence itself, but simply because you have real other path to take but the one you're already on. And to feel that you have not nearly reached the end of your journey, only taken one step further towards it, as if the world is rewarding you for doing something you would have done anyway, regardless of what may come of it, simply because you love to do it, and for no other reason.

Perhaps this is what is meant by facing the blur of reality, the rush of life itself, the bustling frenzy of activity all around us.

I was given 12 minutes to show the world what I love to do.

In one week, Dub War will present a mix on Mary Anne Hobbs' BBC Radio 1 Experimental show, a 50-minute sampler of us simply doing what we love to do, what (evidently) we are here to do, every third Friday of the month, in New York City.

I can't explain what an honor it is to be a part of it, especially being such a recent addition to the collective. But it does feel empowering to me, to feel that all the things I've done in my life up to this point, following my purest passion, and being blessed enough to have the ability to do so, has led me up to this point, where so many other people can listen to me doing my thing, can share the joys of the music I'm fortunate enough to have been given and (in one case) have had to opportunity to write myself.

So on May 26th, 9-11pm NYC time, or May 27th, 2-4am UK time, the Dub War mix will air on BBC, with collective contributions from Dave Q, Joe Nice, Badawi, Juakali, and myself (hell I still can't believe it really), as well as a mix from Los Angeles' finest Low End Theory selectors.

Tune in at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/maryannehobbs.

The blur continues...