Wednesday, August 19, 2009

85 degrees at night.. July re-cap

Been a little while since I have updated... lets see whats been going on...

July was mostly traveling for me... and it was really fun. First half of the month was spent in the Uk and Germany, visiting some old friends from my London days (as in 2007.. ha) and spent a few days in Berlin too where Paul was doing his party Sub:Stance that weekend. It was quite a blurry 10 days, going from this place to there, meeting this person here and that person there, catching up, drinking, smoking too many cigs, etc etc. Really amazing to meet with so many people involved in different facets of the underground music scene over there though and got a sense of what things are like there nowadays. But it was far too short.... wish I could have done the same amount of stuff but spread it thinner so I wasn't running around like a madman. But oh well, life is short. Out to my gracious host Boomnoise, and if I started to big up anyone else from the trip I'd have a list a paragraph long before I knew it, so I won't.

Back in new york for a quick week for Dub War (as previously mentioned) which was great, and then the rest of the month was spent on the west coast with Pandai'a as a sort of joint vacation/gig thing. We spent the first few days in San Francisco, saw some sights, played at the Big Up Magazine vol 4 launch party, and got to meet a good lot of the SF dubstep gang. Great group of people there.. the weather was a bit shit though. cold and windy... which kind of took me by surprise. Out to our host Katya... BIG UP.

Then we took a road trip down the coast of California to LA, by way of Santa Cruz and Big Sur. I must say it was goooorgeous. There's nothing quite like driving along the winding cliffs of the edge of America. LA has very nice weather... hot all day every day, which was a welcome change from the coldness in SF. Played at a night in Costa Mesa called Dubtroit.. the venue was AT a strip mall. Never done anything like that before.. heh. It was good fun.. out to Drew Smog and 12th Planet hookin it up.

Wednesday brought on Low End Theory where I was lucky enough to play a short set alongside Ras G, Dam-Funk and the residents Gaslamp Killer, Nobody and D-Styles. It was a SICK night.. the soundsystem at the Airliner was revamped and was pure weight. Many thanks to Daddy Kev for hookin it up, sadly he was away on tour that night. It was a lot of fun though.. the crowd seemed to be feeling my leftfield-ish deeper dubstep shiz. They cheered anyway... so that's a good sign.

Finally the highlight of the trip had to be driving out to the desert at night and spending the evening at Joshua Tree park... we couldn't see much getting there but once the sun came up it revealed a beautiful landscape of huge rock formations and strangely shaped furry trees that look like they're straight out of a Dr Seuss book.... Rainbow skies all around... seriously... you could see the entire spectrum of color in the sky.

That wrapped up July. Overall it was an amazing month of summer trippin'... but it really wore me out. I think I may have actually paralyzed my travel bug as it were.. I have NO desire to go anywhere anymore... I just want to settle into NYC and ground myself here for a good while. So that's what I'm gonna do... and it feels good...

Bringing us up to the present moment... end re-cap post and check the next entry for some more relevant information.