Monday, September 28, 2009

Kode 9 on Bass

"At least in the club setting, what gets lost is a certain sensual relation between the dancer and their body, the sense of the materiality of their bodies, that they are just another vibrating object in the room. What I think is conceptually powerful about bass culture is that it reminds the arrogant human race that they are really mostly composed of non-organic matter, are not self-enclosed individuals but permeable membranes through which forcefields can pass and interfere with your insides. I think there is a extent to which bass culture educates dancers about their bodies, literally vibrating parts they didnt know they had."

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  1. indeed. it also strikes me that dancing itself reminds us we "are not self-enclosed individuals" as the event is produced in and through a network of sonic/material/ideological flows collapsing into/onto the threshold of the now.

    had never much considered the materiality of the event though. the actual waves which bounce off and through us. pretty cool. beyond music, however, it gets one thinking about the "rumble" of the city; the sort of tactile sonic landscape we inhabit...

    hrm. sorry. coffee.