Sunday, October 11, 2009

Waveforms (part 1)

So lately i've been teaching myself in the ways of Logic's ES2 synthesizer. I captured these images of some lovely sine waves using a great plugin called WaveWindow. I think I am going to make this a regular thing actually. I've been so interested in simple vibrations lately... the sounds we hear all around us, and what they look like. To me, it brings me closer to nature.... not to get too DEEP on you. ha.

Here's a simple octave (sine wave):

And a double octave:

Major 2nd (whole tone):

Perfect 4th:

Perfect 5th:

Extended Perfect 5th:

Those are all simple sine waves. Quite possibly the simplest vibration in the universe? Zero harmonics. These are only snapshots though.... they look sooo cool when theyre pulsing and shifting before your eyes.


This one is called a "wood wave".

Stay tuned for more waveforms to come... as i continue along my sonic adventures.

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