Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jeff Mills on Music Production

"Dance music producers have a strange habit of mimicking other producers. When this happens, large bodies of available tracks lean to a particular style - leaving certain areas of creativity unexplored and ignored. To be able to discovers these voids, I think one has to have a wide perspective on what other artists are doing and more importantly, why they're doing it."

"Making music is an ongoing learning process. The more music one makes, the more chances there are to discover, so it doesn't compromise the artist's project at all. It’s the opposite."

"I think if DJs and producers begin to put more of themselves (not their machines/software) into their productions, try not to mimic and copy other people, adapt a mindset that any and everything is possible, we might have a chance of raising the level of the genre where new discoveries come more frequently than they have in the past decade."

"Producers could consider making music without the objective of releasing vinyl, CDs, sounds files -- maybe they could make music for the sole reason of learning on how to make it differently. If this truly catches on, I do believe we would begin to hear extraordinary work."

-Jeff Mills

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