Monday, January 11, 2010

Chaos Theory

"In Chaos Theory, forms emerge, dissolve, and reform through the creative process known as self-organization. These forms resonate with our spirit and foster a cultivate of connection. Healing originates in the chaotic consciousness and emerges as the process of creative self-organization. Chaos is ubiquitous in nature. It reveals in its own depths, hidden degrees of order and structure that resonate with the soul and reveal to us the basic forms and structures repeated throughout nature and throughout our nature. It underlies the fundamental laws of nature and natural processes, and implies a universe of evolution and constant re-creation. Structure arises in the moment and is in resonance with its environment. But in a universe of constant evolution each form eventually becomes dissonant as the evolving environment surrounding it changes.

Chaos Theory restores the balance to the entropic forces which lead to the decay and death of outworn systems. It is the means of creative self-organization which arises from the undifferentiated disorder that lurks within the processes of creation. Chaos holds infinite possibilities of new form, and these forms are eventually revealed and emerge from chaos as new structure. This also applies to consciousness dynamics, such as thought, spontaneous behavior and creativity. Reality is neither structure nor chaos, but a process in which structure and chaos dance between form and formlessness. This is the eternal cycle of death and renewal, the dance of Shiva.

Emergence is a process by which order appears “spontaneously” within a system. When the mind lets go of its rational order and enters into unstructured chaos, it emerges later with a new structure or form. Since order arises spontaneously from disorder through self-organization, healing is an ever-present potential."

-Lori Gardi


  1. A great understanding and realization. And very well expressed in written format, which I found so difficult.

    Thanks a lot

  2. Ya, but how am I supposed to spread butter on my toast with it?