Monday, February 1, 2010

REVIEW: Asusu - Small Hours / Taurean [PSQ001]

Below is my review of the new single from Asusu on Project Squared, taken from the new issue of Big Up Magazine.


Asusu - Small Hours / Taurean [Project Squared] (12")

Here’s a brand new label focusing on dubstep’s mutated evolutions. Kicking it off on the first release is Asusu, bringing some quality production to the fore, taking bits and pieces from techno, breakbeat, and garage, then reformulating it into a wonderfully deep, yet upbeat and tasty pair of tracks, for fans of Scuba, Jus Wan, and Spatial.

“Small Hours” is a warm roller, utilizing skipping hi hats, a subalicious kick and punchy snare to deliver the goods in full force, served over a bed of sub-bass, laying the foundation for its dubbed-out synth lines dancing about over the top. The melodies are pleasing to the ear and complement each other perfectly, enticing you to just close your eyes and bob your head. It stays interesting throughout, not falling victim to the standard “copy and paste” technique after the breakdown, instead making subtle changes and shifts between the sonic layers.

On the flipside, “Taurean” is on a similar tip but errs more toward the UK garage side of things, especially in the drums. The synth lines are delicious, and carry the flow throughout with just enough variation, a bit reminiscent of Untold’s “I Can’t Stop This Feeling” and “Sweat”. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a rip-off, but you can hear the influences clearly.

Overall a very strong release, with two carefully crafted tracks that are well paired, like two leaves coming from the same branch of the tree. Out in December on Project Squared, this is definitely a label to watch out for in 2010.

- Alex Incyde


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