Monday, February 1, 2010

REVIEW: F - Energy Distortion / Untold Remix [7EVEN]

And here is my review of F's "Energy Distortion" album sampler for Big Up Magazine, with an Untold remix on the flip, out on 7EVEN Recordings. I must say that since writing this review, I've grown to favor the Untold mix much more than before. But it's already been printed, so whatever.


F / Untold - Energy Distortion (Album Sampler Part 1) [7EVEN Recordings] (12")

Another quality release from the 7EVEN camp out of France. This one is built by my favorite of the crew: the producer simply known as F, backed with a great remix by the man of 2009 – Untold. If you haven’t heard anything from this label yet, I highly recommend doing so NOW. 7EVEN has released some brilliant techno-dubstep crossover material by the likes of F and Helixir over the last year, for fans of Headhunter and 2562.

“Energy Distortion” may be the best one on the label yet – and I have to say, despite my expectations when receiving the promo, the original is the real killer. Relentlessly throwing shuffling, syncopated rhythms to your face while spraying you with beeps, bloops, and warm filter mods from the very start, once it fully drops in, it’s all over. Not literally… but if you don’t lose your s&!t at that point, maybe you’re not paying attention. I’m not kidding, you’ll want to check your pants. It’s a delight to the ear from start to finish, whether at home or on the dancefloor, but subwoofers are highly recommended for maximum effect.

On the flip, Untold takes the tempo down a bit, with a slightly more meditative version, which is a welcome surprise given the near-silliness of his recent releases. It’s still got his characteristic sound – fat, subby percussion underneath, complemented with imaginative re-workings of F’s musical textures. It’s not quite what you’d expect of an Untold remix, but it totally works in its own right.

- Alex Incyde


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