Sunday, November 29, 2015



Mu breathes Mu. In, out, in, out, in, out. Not automatic, not intentional, purely conscious, but just enough. With a deep breath in, Mu takes it all in, all the old energy, revitalized, and out again, breathing forms into matter, like a bubble wand they float off into space, some to pop, some to grow. Breathe yourself in, breathe yourself out. Outside of space-time, the game is over. Within, the scattering. Let's play. Let's have the realest experiences, let's get fully lost, and let's find ourselves in the darkest corners. Who is the one that is afraid? Who is the one that is anxious? Who is it that moves the hands, lifts the feet? Is it YOU? Who is the one that explores, that creates? Who is the you that you do not know? Mu breathes Mu. Who breathes your lungs when you're asleep? Who beats your heart when your attention is somewhere else? Who grows your hair, ever so slowly? Do you know how? If so, show me. It is like this. Mu breathes Mu. Who are you now, Brahman? Cuckoo, cuckoo... How do I know you? How do I know you were you just a moment ago? Not now, just then. When? You just missed it. What you can't put your finger on, here I am. A baby cries for its mother. The mother's heart floats. Here, little child, here I am. All together now, all proliferating. Supreme and conscious, ever so young, ever so ancient. Beyond time, beyond space. What is left? Drop it. The qualities are all empty, all full, complete. Cock a doodle DOOOOO!!!! Tweet-tweet. It is like this, but not exactly It. Who is the true yogi, I ask you? Who is the first Buddha? Who is the original rump shaker? The first mover? Who is it that forgets the one that remembers? May I have this dance, madame? An opening of the hand. The Dragon circles overhead. I will sit in the fire and walk the coals. Chick a dee! Chick a dee-dee! The animals know best, without knowing at all. Listen carefully. Feel deeply. Tread lightly, but surely. Where does this path go, or that one? Whack whack, cut back the brush. Trail blaze, set this road afire, wash it down with a light breeze on the skin. Ahhh....

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