Sunday, November 29, 2015

The last survivors


November has come, the slight chill in the air that only comes once a year here, the hints of holidays forthcoming, the slight anticipation felt for the fact that another year will come to pass. Like each and every predecessor, it'll click by like every moment, identical yet unique, colored by the mode of experience, imbued with the life of consciousness... here, we live on lava, still cooled by the march of history. Are we the last living souls on Earth? In the solar system, the galaxy? Yes we are... the last survivors of evolution under a conditional environment. The last ones, for now. We're the descendants of heroes, hibernators, creators, warriors, slaves, kings, and bacterium. We're wired beyond the reaches of common thought, to adapt to anything and everything, to come together in peace, to split apart in war, to trade and exchange gifts, to trust and deceive. To become aware of the magic we possess, indeed it is a lifetime's journey. To know what is real, what is truth, what is wise, and what is not, a consummation of a process iterated for our lifetime times a million to the millionth. WE ARE THE PRIZE.

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