Sunday, November 29, 2015

Three Headed Dragon


I enjoy the calm of the morning, the calls of the roosters come from the silence, signaling the start of pure possibility. Each day is a new path to trod, either a tried and true way, or a small detour down a new side-track. As long as you're choosing the way to go. Don't just hitch a ride on someone else's wagon. As we explore the infinite pathways, we explore our Self and what we're made of. What is the nature of your soul? What would you do automatically, without thinking even for a split second? We are one Dragon, one Being, though as life tests our strength, we see three aspects of the Dragon: the Mind, the Heart, the Body. The Heart is sometimes called the Soul, or the Spirit. There are many names for what we don't fully understand. Each piece has its role to play, each has its needs to be met. The Dragon must be able to fly where it wishes, and to feast on knowledge, wisdom, and physical reality as needed. It cannot be split or separated, isolated in a vacuum. They are parts of a body, a great body we often forget our membership of. We have brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters. We see our shared origin in the closest degrees, but not the furthest. We must not forget... The committee of the common Soul. The gifts we have been offered, from ourselves and by ourselves. A present you leave for your descendants, hidden in plain sight, as it's been left for you by your ancestors. We only must recognize it. When we truly see it, we are ready. It is in time, when it is ripe. There are no prerequisites, no requirements laid out, but for our lack of perception. When it is revealed, the obstacles that were overcome are specific to yourself. They are self-determined, whether we remember how they were put there or not, whether it was oneself who did, or a previous member. What we inherit has both sides of the coin. We accept each for its own worth, keep what serves the Soul, what we can offer to the committee, and what we can discard, to let dissolve into the Void, to abandon physical or mental structure, to reduce to the primordial dust. The patterns fade from view, they await the conditions to take a form and become visible again, to those who are fit to recognize and cherish them.

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